Jinx is the magazine of Worldwide Urban Adventure. Jinx publishes its reports on urban exploration and international adventure here, along with dossiers of its Friends and Enemies. The magazine has been published, irregularly, since 1997. It has been online-only since 2001.

Back issues of the pre-information age print version are available for purchase. They are overpriced.

The Jinx Project is a global intelligence organization, not affiliated with any government but engaged in a permanent struggle with the enemies of freedom. The project's core values are anti-totalitarianism, humanism, and unnecessary risk-taking. In the interest of full disclosure, we offer a contrary view.

The Jinx Project's infamy is mostly due to natural misunderstandings about urban exploration. Certain members of the media, and the Project's friends in law enforcement, have drawn hasty conclusions without looking at all the evidence. There have been allegations of criminal activity which the project strenuously denies. Urban exploration is essentially a harmless form of group tourism. Jinx's activities in the city, including the bridges, rooftops, and tunnels, are really nobody's concern.

A great deal of urban adventure involves foreign cities and provinces, the gathering of intelligence and the risk of severe injury or death. Jinx agents operate in over 200 countries. A select number of Mission Reports, chosen for their low secrecy classification, are available for public consumption in Jinx magazine.

Inevitably, an organization dedicated to opposing despotism and terror will be itself opposed. The enemies arrayed against the Jinx Project are vast in number and ruthless in method. From the Communist Party to Birkenstock, Inc., they exert a nefarious influence against the daily lives of billions.

Two centuries of just diplomacy and expert propaganda have earned Jinx more friends than enemies by far. Nevertheless, the danger increases with every passing year. Jinx vigilance is necessarily undiminished.

Jinx laboratories enhances Project intelligence analysis with detailed Science & Technology reports.