Fairfield Hills is a sprawling mental hospital complex near Danbury, CT. Most of the buildings (from the 1930's) were vacated around 1995 although some are still operational. Each building is connected with the others through a vast system of tunnels. A fellow explorer named Christine had contacted me through the webring and invited me there last weekend. She mentioned that the tunnels near the wards for the criminally insane had been investigated by the "psychic team" the Warrens; I then found a local newspaper article mentioning the hospital's morgue, refrigeration units and lots of eerie tunnels. The Warrens, of course, claimed to perceive spirits of the tortured and insane lurking about the morgue. So I was excited to go up there and check it out.

I drove up last Saturday with three cohorts and followed Christine onto the campus. She pointed out the security office and suggested we try a vacant building several hundred feet from there, close to the street. We parked near the road where there were a few houses and a couple of other cars. It was very rural and had just snowed, and although we had contemplated hunting deer and attaching their hoofs to our shoes to confuse any marauding security guards, we decided to just go ahead. Six of us began stomping through the snow, making quite a racket and leaving obvious prints.

This particular building was once a ward for the criminally insane. The windows all had bars on them and all the doors were locked. I watched the orange spotlight from the distant security building slowly rotate
around itself....

A few minutes later we were inside, descending the stairs to the basement level. The halls were freshly painted and obviously newly renovated, much to our disappointment. We were looking for alarms and motion detectors but found none. Passing a "biohazard" chamber, we followed signs pointing to the pharmacy, which consisted of an empty room containing only a kind of column with a phone attached. While I was in another room, someone apparently picked up the phone and heard a dial tone. There was no sign of tunnels. In the back of the building was a room containing strange vats and machinery, but we could not investigate it... from a corner of the room came the quiet, steady "blip blip blip"of an alarm going off.

We ran back through the long corridor and got outside. As we were plowing back through the snow we saw flashing lights start up in front of the security building. Of course our driver couldn't find his car
keys... etc... but we got away in time and were spared the inevitable "Footprints? We don't see any footprints" conversation. I'm still not sure what set off the alarms, seeing that we were so very careful this time, even more so than usual. I'm guessing it was the phone.

Supposedly those intelligent enough to wait until the snow has melted will find tunnel entrances near the streets surrounding the buildings. It would be worth checking out, particularly if there's a morgue at the end of the rainbow. There was another severely fortified building at the opposite end of the campus which looked promising. We decided not to press our luck that night.