Editor's Note: The following press release, extremely hostile to this publication, was issued this morning to the AP Newswire; by this afternoon it is likely to be mentioned or reprinted in any of several hundred newspapers and web sites around the world. Having no means to prevent this, Jinx magazine has chosen to run the release as well. Jinx hopes anyone tempted to believe the scurrilous lies and half-truths below will consider that they come from an anonymous source, and that the magazine categorically denies each and every charge.

At extreme personal risk, having been left no other alternative, I now offer specific testimony against an organization that reaches into millions of lives. As an agent, and then an officer of the Jinx Project, I have been privy to its most secret protocols. I share these secrets with the world in a desperate belief that the sunlight of exposure will drive the cockroaches back into the walls. If not, I am a dead man.

Time and circumstances compel me to be brief; I will address in terse language only the most serious of the Jinx Project's crimes and misdemeanors. I limit myself to those charges for which I possess irrefutable evidence. Therefore:

1. 'Jinx magazine' is not magazine. Jinx magazine is a front operation for the Jinx Project. Like several other of its dummy companies, the magazine offers not only a facade of legitimacy but a means to spread propaganda and lies. Jinx magazine is the principle head in a media hydra that also includes Jinx multimeda/design, The Jinx Athenaeum Society and Jinx recordings. Attempts by the Federal Government to silence the Jinx Project have failed because they have always been directed at one or another of these corporations rather than the Project itself.

2. 'Urban Adventure' is a lie. There is no such thing as Urban Adventure, whether called by that term or some equally sophomoric synonym (urban exploration, vadding, urban spelunking, etc.). The well-documented activities of the Jinx Project and its confederates have been crudely misrepresented to a credulous press and an indifferent public. In fact, the "exploration" of the world's leading cities by Jinx agents and others has been a ruthless campaign against its Enemies in and out of government. While the civil and military authorities across the globe turn a blind eye, the Jinx Project is compiling vast strategic databanks on the world's cities. Tactical layout, utilities grids, communications, emergency services, topography above and below the streets - the Jinx Project now possesses the most sophisticated and current records of the major urban environments available anywhere. Project-allied news organizations like the New York Times and National Public Radio have played into the Project's hands by reinforcing an absurd perception of these intelligence operatives as "adventurers." It boggles the mind that intelligent adults have been taken in by such a shallow line. Entertainment magazines like Details and Salon enthusiastically endorse this "fad," while in fact the greatest bloodless transfer of power since the fall of the Soviet Union is carried out in full view of the world's governments. The seriousness of this espionage cannot be overstated: municipal records of vital security interest, including evacuation plans and communications, are now in the hands of an organization with no public accountability whatever - an organization operating a secret "war" against its Enemies without civilian review of any kind, without the United States even acknowledging that they exist.

3. The Friends and Enemies of Jinx list is a smokescreen. Those in power who have troubled themselves to read Jinx magazine take comfort in the public nature of its famous Friends & Enemies lists. In fact, these lists are a deliberate obfuscation, and their very existence is designed to further disguise the true allegiances of the Project. Dozens of organizations actually targeted by Jinx are currently listed as Friends, while old allies are mixed seamlessly in among the Enemies list. If I had time enough, and my clearance had been greater, it would have been my duty to offer a real and accurate list of Jinx's Friends & Enemies here. Instead I offer a word of warning: believe the Project and suffer, as I have.

4. Jinx is watching you. This above all, in the most strident terms I can muster, I declare not only to the governments of the world but to the citizens: guard your privacy with jealous determination and trust no one. The scope of the Jinx Project's files is awesome and terrifying. The most obscure and innocent private citizen would be na"ve to think he has escaped their notice. There are literally hundreds of thousands of dossiers in the Jinx North American Headquarters alone, many of which have still not been converted into digital files. Jinx has informants in every major city in the Western Hemisphere. There are Jinx officers analyzing intelligence in embassies worldwide. The free peoples of the world's democracies, blindly trusting that the power lies with them, are the first and last of the Project's dupes. Your best friend could be one of their rats.

5. It's not too late. The Jinx Project is not all-powerful. It has no diplomatic legitimacy, no army or navy, no space program. Still illegal, it cringes before the rule of law and conducts its business under cover of darkness. BUT WE CAN NO LONGER WAIT FOR OUR POLITICIANS TO ACT. It is the responsibility of you, the free citizen, to oppose Jinx. Only a popular resistance, unafraid of personal reprisals, willing to suffer for liberty, can stop the Project. have already paid a terrible price for my participation in their crimes. The burden of guilt is heavy. I will spend the rest of my life running from them. Yet my suffering will not have been in vain if I can make a difference now. I urge you to act now, while there is still time.