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August 2000
Brain Evinchik gives a thought-provoking presentation on the topic of "An Introduction to Game Theory."
Agent Bleach and LB Deyo debate on the topic: "Resolved: Urban Explorers have a duty to promote and defend their cause in the mass media."
Scott Sala shares his research on the controversy as it impacts caving.
The Society retires to the bar after being chased from the assembly hall by angry jazz musicians.

July 2000
Jinx Athenaeum Society Chairman Lefty Leibowitz presents a reading from Rice's Biography, Captian Sir Richard Francis Burton.
Jinx Athenaeum Society President Laughing Boy Deyo lectures on the significance of Coleridge's great poem, "Kubla Kahn," and then recites the poem from memory.
A new JAS tradition is born as the assembly sings "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha.
Rumors circulate that the infamous Infiltrator Ninjalicious is among the assembly.

June 2000
Ms. Lara Denono presents her dossier on "The Diseases of the Explorers". This presentation focuses on the health risk to historical and urban explorers posed by bacteria, microbes, and other agents of disease.
A panel of experts debates on the topic: "Resolved: The Second Amendment should be repealed." Is our constitutional right to bear arms still valid in the 21st century? Agent Brain argues convincingly against the resolution, while Society President LB Deyo argues in favor.
The comedy stylings of Denver Smith, the star of the Jinx Athenaeum Society, entertain the entire assembly.
Society Chairman Lefty Leibowitz makes his first sans-argyle appearance as moderator.

May 2000
Ms. Arielle Jamil, Director of Public Relations at the Counter Spy Shop, gives a presentation on the latest essential gadgets for the Jinx set: light intensifier goggles, surveillance equipment, satellite tracking devices, and more.
A debate, "Resolved: The Age of Discovery is not dead! It lives on through the Urban Explorers" is heard, with Society Chairman Lefty Leibowitz moderating. Opposing the resolution is Society President LB Deyo. Supporting the resolution is Agent Brain of the Jinx Project.
Agent Brain argues that the spirit of the great discovers of history is the same as that of the Urban Explorers. Deyo counters that the Urban Explorers have not made the same impact on world culture and history as the great discovers.
Speed Levitch performs a song outlining his plans for the first ever Jinx walking tour.

April 2000
Jinx Space Administrator Stefan Jackson presents, "Jinx MUST win the Space Race." Should Microsoft or other Enemies of Jinx plant their flags on other heavenly bodies, he explains, they would lay claim to those worlds. Jinx must be first to the stars, that the galaxy might remain safe for democracy.
A debate, "Resolved: Birkenstocks must be banned from all privately owned public places" is heard, with Society Chairman Lefty Leibowitz moderating. Opposing the resolution is Agent Aaron Mindel. Supporting the resolution is Society President and Jinx Project Director Laughing Boy Deyo.
Deyo argues that Birkenstock comfort sandals are ugly enough to ruin the visual environment for the community, and that restaurants, stores, private universities, etc. should enforce a no-Birkenstock dress code. Mindel argues that Deyo is a dictator who should have his own country, and that many other offensive things, such as politicians and suspenders, should be banned before Birkenstocks are. Watch a highlight video from the debate

March 2000
Society Orientalist Brett X offers a presentation on the notorious 14th Century warlord Tamerlaine, arguing that he should be remembered as a Friend of Jinx.
The Jinx Medal of Honor is presented to Agent Eric "Psycho" Bleach, in recognition of his courage and commitment.
A debate "Resolved: Science is the only path to truth" is heard, with Society Chairman Leibowitz moderating. Opposing the resolution are the Agent Brain of the Jinx Project and guest speakers Jonathan Bloom and Adrian Kuhl. Supporting the resolution is Society President Laughing Boy Deyo. Agent Brain argues that science has done more harm than good, and has been more a road to hell than a path to truth. Bloom offers a Jewish perspective on the question of truth, and Kuhl proposes that although science is a path to truth, there are other paths, and other truths, that science cannot encompass. Deyo supports the motion by arguing that only the falsifiable hypotheses of science can yield truths, and that the "truths" of religion, superstition and philosophy are merely prejudices or opinions. The comedy stylings of Denver Smith are enjoyed.
The Laughing Boy's birthday is acknowledged with a surprise cake.
Jinx magazine Issue 6 : Science & Technology is formally released.

February 2000
The debate, "Resolved: Communism is still a threat" is heard, with Society Chairman Leibowitz moderating. For the resolution is Society President Laughing Boy Deyo. Against is Society Orientalist Brett X, and guest speaker Mike. Deyo argues that the nuclear menace from China and North Korea, and the increasing political strength of the Communist party in Russia and Ukraine make Communism a danger to be reckoned with in the post-cold war world. Brett X makes the claim that the real threat in the new millennium comes not from the antiquated system of Communism but from the increasing might of multinational corporations. Mike, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party U.S.A, argues that Communism, far from being a threat, is a boon for humanity greatly to be supported. Several members of the audience make additional comments.
The Comedy stylings of Denver Smith are heard to the delight of all present, as is a special comedic follow-up by Mike.