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What is the Jinx Athenaeum Society?       How can I get involved?
The Jinx Athenaeum Society's next monthly meeting is officially scheduled for Wednesday, 6 September, 8pm, at New York's Gershwin Hotel (7 E. 27th street, between 5th and Madison). The evening's agenda will be published at this location shortly.
After the festivities, Society members will convene in the Grand Ballroom to socialize and converse. Admission, as always, is FREE.
Congratulations to all society members and enthusiasts for another triumphant meeting in August. Details of the meeting are available on the Jinx Athenaeum Society archive page.

In Victorian London, in the heady days of the Age of Exploration, men formed societies dedicated to the scientific, literary and philosophical questions of the day. These were the athenaeum societies, emulating the intellectual traditions of ancient Athens, and they sponsored many of the most important expeditions of all time. Today the Jinx Athenaeum Society carries on that tradition here in New York City, debating major controversies, organizing expeditions and promoting the knowledge that arises of danger, adventure & the underground.

Society meetings are free of charge. They are held monthly at the Gershwin Hotel, on 27th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, Manhattan. Sign up for the Jinx mailing list at the top of the page to receive Society news and event invitations.