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At the Jinx Project, we often find that musicians can easily be classified as Friends or Enemies of Jinx, depending of either the quality of their music or the degree to which they represent Jinx core values. For example, Merle Haggard has been classified a Friend of Jinx since 1964, and there was never any real debate necessary to come to this conclusion. Likewise for mope-rock legends the Cure, who were quickly placed atop the Enemies list in 1979 upon the release of "Boys Don't Cry".

Occasionally, however, a band comes along whose motives are not so readily discernable. Do they take a stand for Danger and Adventure, the shadow of every red-blooded man? Or is their aim the degredation of human society in hopes that modern civilization will crumble under the weight of it's own hedonism.

Such a band is Man Or Astroman...

·Les Paul Interview