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Article: You can't keep us out (6 pages)
Subject: Jinx magazine and Urban Exploration
Quote: Says Lefty, as we descend a metal ladder, "I've always loved explorers and exploration. The way my life is right now, I'm not likely to see the distant corners of the earth. But I can explore unchartered territory right here in New York." Lefty and L.B. provide detailed accounts of their adventures in Jinx magazine and on their stylish website,
Seattle Weekly, March 2000
Article: Notes from the Underground
Subject: Jinx magazine and Urban Exploration
Quote: No hope of charming their way through the barricades, as so many hackers have learned to do with the technique known as social engineering: the last time (the Jinx) crew got caught midexploration they were on the roof of Grand Central Station, with four fire trucks and two dozen cops ready to bring them down by any means necessary.
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Disinformation, February 2000
Article: Urban Exploration
Subject: Jinx magazine and Urban Exploration
Quote: Jinx magazine is one of the best online portals to the Urban Exploration subculture, a new kind of tribal psychological warfare.
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GettingIt, December 1999
Article: In Through the Out Door
Subject: Jinx magazine and Urban Exploration
Quote: The agents of Jinx take a hotel raid seriously. "We don't do raids just to pass the time. We're busy people," explains LB Deyo. "Upper-class intelligence. Business and corporate intelligence. The people who stay in upper-echelon hotels are often the people we need to find out about."
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Newzwire, February 2000
Article: Urban Exploration: the final frontier is closer than you think
Subject: Jinx magazine and Urban Exploration
Quote: According to Jinx magazine, "With the last frontiers on Earth swallowed up in the 20th century, adventurers now probe a secret frontier that lies all around us. It's an unchartered wilderness beneath the city streets, in storm drains, dead sewers and live subway lines."
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