LAST EXPLORERS: Lefty on Jinx in MMode magazine. more»
FIRST MAN TO THE NORTH POLE: Commodore Brett X on the great Matthew Henson. more»
HIGH JINX: Urban exploration atop the Pan Am building, in Time Out New York. more»
CELESTIAL NAVIGATION : The Commodore shares his expertise. more»
AVENUE OF THE STRONGEST: Exploring the abandoned 18th Street and Worth Street stations. more»
NEW YORK LOCKDOWN: New York is at its highest-ever security level. What does this mean for urban exploration in the big town? more»
ABSOLUTE PROOF: With unimpeachable evidence of recent Jinx UE, the Ministry of Peace orders this site eliminated. more»
THE RETURN OF JINX URBAN EXPLORATION? 2002: first evidence the Jinx Project may have returned to UE after more than a year. more»
EL AUTOBUS DE PELIGRO. What's it like to lose your passport in Zapatista territory? "The same soldiers who now waved us through the checkpoints had been in combat only days before, fighting the guerrillas street-to-street and driving them back into the jungle. Now they were looking for stragglers, abettors and spies." more»
URBAN EXPLORATION: PSYCHOPATHOLOGY and the HIDDEN CITY. Urban explorers hurdle third rails, dodge subway trains, and climb bridges. What the hell is wrong with them? more»
COYOTE. "What I fear most is this: that I will be safe, that danger will spare me entirely, that I'll die conventionally--smug and purposeless, having never savored its menace. I fear who I might become if I live my whole life in the middle, never pushed into the dark margins. The human race moves with a force launched by centuries of misdirection, pillage, and neglect. I fear never knowing the intensity of life, threatening as a stinging blade pressed to the throat, its edge a border to cross; this is what I hunger for." Agent Kuhl smuggles illegals over from Mexico. more»
CAMBODIA. "There was a brothel round the corner with outrageous architecture where the nephew of the Khmer Rouge provincial commander hung out, and we heard he had a car for rent." more»
24-HOUR SUBWAY ODYSSEY. Agent Bleach spends a full solar cycle in the New York Rapid Transit System. "The endless stretches of track and dim sky reinforce my despair." more»
SEX OVER THE CITY. Urban exploration during the Second World War. "...on a Monday night, around ten p.m., we entered the Essex house, and told the sleepy desk manager we were here to check the efficiency and speed of the roof light blackout. It seemed real to him..." more»
SUBMARINE BASE. Special Agent Maddaloni raids an abandoned Soviet Submarine base. "...it was a sealed city during the Cold War, akin to those high-gated communities in Los Angeles, but run with a vigor and capacity for spite that only the Soviets had." more»
THE DARK PASSAGE OF JULIA. Exploring with the Femme Fatale of New York Urban Exploration. "...she leads us three men through a sunless dungeon that hums with live third rails, a single misstep from arrest or violence. And we follow. " more»
THROUGH THE SYSTEM. The Jinx Prison Survival Guide. " Be on alert if a prisoner starts trying to find out to much about you, asking you where you're from, how much money you have, whom you know. This man is trying to size you up and determine how to exploit you..." more»
TRAIN SURFING. Jinx assessment of risk. "Sixteen year old Roberto Rodriguez of Dobbs Ferry, NY, died on May 31, 1994, after having been knocked off the No. 2 train near the 149th St. station in the Bronx." more»
URBAN EXPLORATION and the MEDIA. Should urban explorers talk to the press? more»
URBAN MOUNTAINEERING: THE BROADWAY BRIDGE. It was the perfect challenge. more»
URBAN MOUNTAINEERING II: THE WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE. "The goal of Psy-Op 2-1 was the liberation of the Williamsburg Bridge and the conspicuous placement of the Jinx Flag at its top." more»
URBAN MOUNTAINEERING III: BUFFALO CENTRAL STATION. A joint mission with Infiltration. "...the room at the bottom of the stairs was flooded with about eight feet of frozen water." more»
WITNESS TO ADVENTURE: BROOKLYN BRIDGE. Agent Big Jeff Wilson reports from the world's great bridge. more»
ARMAGEDDON LITE. Dateline: Israel. Life during wartime. "Exactly ten days later, the table I was sitting at, along with many other things, blew up during a weekday afternoon suicide bombing that killed the three bombers and three teenage girls, among others, and injured over 200 people." more»
MONTAUK PROJECT. Arc Agent Gabriel searches for the secret of Montauk Air Force ase."the former military outpost has been the focus of many outside investigations stemming from allegations that it was once and still is involved cutting edge quantum physics research and mind control experiments." more»
BALKAN DIARIES. Dateline: Belgrade. "The American Embassy...was still standing, but the windows had been smashed out and its...walls had been covered in graffiti. . .One line read: 'The American nation performs fellatio on me.' " more»
BALKAN DIARIES II. Dateline: Croatia. "Perhaps the people in Zagreb were right! No Americans could enter Serbia without a stamped passport, obtained months in advance. Maybe we would be sent back!" more»
BALKAN DIARIES III. Dateline: Zagreb. "...we had discussed the possibility of illegal entry through Montenegro. For those who really want to travel to Yugoslavia but don't have the right contacts it is a relatively simple option. " more»
BALKAN DIARIES IV. Dateline: Zagreb. '...I hope she isn't going to get some thugs to kill us.' he said. Jesus, I thought, maybe she was. " more»
OUTLAW OUTDOORSMAN. Introduction to caving. "The mere glimpse of new territory, even a tiny room beyond the blackness, compels a caver forward, often without hesitation at risk, rappelling down hundreds of feet or squeezing through cracks 6" high by 12" wide. You are powerless to say no." more»
OUTLAW OUTDOORSMAN. A gutsy Thanksgiving. "...all caves we explore are wild, meaning no guides, tours or assistance, even lighting is provided by anyone but ourselves." more»
CLUB VELOCITY. Drag racing is unsafe. "He pursed his lips smugly and extended a hand with fingers contorted in a gang-sign. I felt my stomach stir with fear." more»
DENALI. A view from the roof of North America. more»
ECLIPSE MANIA. Total eclipse, totally radical. more»
FISHKICKER. The world's most dangerous occupation: deep sea fishing in the Bering Strait. "To make matters worse the little beasts began to weasel their way into my boots, my ankles nibbled and flapped against. All I could do was curse and scream. " more»
FISHKICKER II. "he Aleutian Islands stretched before our eyes a submerged range of towering rocks, raw and beautiful." more»
MEXICO TRAVELOGUE. Agent David Sergenian hitchhikes back to Texas. "a kindly middle-aged man asked me if I enjoyed "the life." " more»
MISSION TO HAVANA. Lefty looks for answers in Castro's backyard. "...there was no advertising at all. Instead, huge pictures of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara peered down at us from billboards, accompanied by slogans such as 'Socialism or Death' and 'We will not forget the Revolution!' " more»
PARACHUTING. Fortune favors the prepared. Know how to jump out of a plane. more»
BANSHEE. "I was walking into a dimensional distortion whereby outside and inside were exchanging roles. That's when I noticed that the tunnel was curving." more»
ART CRIMES. "...indeed there was a time in New York City when every subway car in the five boroughs was ablaze with a thousand vibrant colors. A time when people with names like Taki 183, P Nut, Blade, Smiley, Airborne, and Iz the Wiz left their marks on the colossal steel people-movers of the great metropolis." more»
CRIMINALLY INSANE. "Supposedly those intelligent enough to wait until the snow has melted will find tunnel entrances near the streets surrounding the buildings. It would be worth checking out, particularly if there's a morgue at the end of the rainbow. " more»
D.C. RIDE-ALONG. Agent Bleach cruises the Capital's roughest neighborhoods in a police cruiser. more»
SLUMS OF HONG KONG. Special Agent Née Née, behind Communist lines. "...in order to teach him a lesson they cut off his right arm." more»
MISSION SOMALIA. A Jinx Agent recalls his deadly firefight in Somalia. "I was on the verge of being overrun...my mind went into survival mode. The closer they were to me, the quicker they died." more»
THE CASE FOR THE POWER PLANT: What's behind the Williamsburg protests? more»
THE PRICE OF FIGHTING CLEAN: Does sparing civilians increase the likelihood of war? more»
THE JINX FILE ON CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE. "Immediate access to operational gas masks is crucial - the difference between life and death." Don't get caught with your pants down. more»
ILIAD : Four years of Jinx magazine. Requires Flash 4. more»
U.E. MOVIE : Watch the Jacqui Barcos production. Quicktime, 10m. more»
CHURCHILL A new biography for the "largest human being of the Twentieth century." more»
DISCLOSURE. "Editor's Note: The following press release, extremely hostile to this publication, was issued this morning to the AP Newswire; by this afternoon it is likely to be mentioned or reprinted in any of several hundred newspapers and web sites around the world." more»
I WILL NOT STAND ACCUSED. Agent Wilson contemplates the "Blame America" argument. more»
TURN DOWN THAT NOISE. A cry of rage. "I've become a crotchety old man, angrily denouncing disturbances to my peace and quiet. more»
Dr LIVINGSTONE. The first explorer to reach Central Africa, Livingstone faces death a thousand miles from home. more»
JUDGEMENT DAY: MICROCHIP THE SMOKERS. The proposed New York smoking laws form a much-needed bulwark against the further decline of civilization. more»
THOUGHTCRIME: INTERVENTION NOW . For its own sake, and the sake of the world, the United states should start toppling the Third World's police states. Let's get it on. more»
HOT ROD : Lefty Leibowitz reviews Rowdy Roddy Piper's autobiography. more»
WAR OF THE WORLDS. Will robots inherit the earth? " 'I lie awake at night, feeling terrified that my work may lead to gigadeath.' - robot designer Hugo de Garis..." more»
PRISON DISEASES There's more to fear in Prison than the guards and convicts. "...the most vicious perpetrators... are smaller than the eye can see." more»
POWER FOR LIVING. Book review by The Jinx Computer. more»
NANOTECH REPORT. A Jinx Laboratories brief on the state of the science. "Robots the size of single molecules will be able to perform surgery on a molecular level. And we will eventually be able to make pretty much whatever we want to out of dirt." more»
MEME VIRUS. Use of the word "dude" is spreading. Is it contagious? more»
JUNGLE DISEASES. When you come home from the Third World, hideous creatures may be stowing away in your bowels. "...there are completely urbanized strains of mosquitoes like the notorious Aedes aegypti, which spreads dengue hemorrhagic fever. " more»
DOG OF WAR: Jinx honors Sargeant Stubby, World War I veteran and most decorated dog in U.S. military history. more»
WORST CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL HANDBOOK. Book review by Agent Bleach. more»
VIGILANCE.. "There are enemies among us, conspiring to take more lives." Wartime duties of the citizenry. more»
ASSATA SHAKUR. Traitor, cop killer, Communist, Enemy of Jinx. more»
CAPTAIN SHACKLETON. "Rowing and sailing through loose pack, with bad weather, and temperatures 10-30 below freezing, they fought for a week..." The superstar of exploration, and how he got to be a Friend of Jinx. more»
REBEL BEAUTY. Phoolan Devi: bandit queen, gangster, murderer, Enemy of Jinx. more»
FREEMASONS. Enemies of Jinx, but "Did the Freemasons kill Captain William Morgan? No." more»
MADAGASCAR INSTITUTE. Along New York's ragged fringes roves a cult of chaos worshippers. more»
LEXICON OF TERROR. The language of Argentina's "Dirty War." more»
LES PAUL. Agent Denver Smith interrogates the guitar legend. more»
LEFTY STRIKES BACK. As The Clones attack, El Caudillo takes on the critics. more»
DISNEY WORLD DOMINATION. Walt Disney, Inc.: Enemy of Jinx. more»
CIA TORTURE GUIDE. From the Agency's "Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual - 1983." Used to train Latin American security forces in the effective use of torture for information. more»
CIA ASSASSINATION GUIDE. The Agency's training manual for assassination, released in Guatemala, 1954. more»
CAPTAIN SIR RICHARD FRANCIS BURTON. Agent David Sergenian recalls the "explorer, adventurer, scholar, mystic, stud." more»
MAN...OR ASTROMAN? The extraterrestrial surf-punk ensemble describes its EEVIAC mainframe operational system: "It's a huge hulking behemoth, vacuum-tube run super-computer that can run your basic spreadsheet program, but at the same time, you can play tic-tac-toe. Which is important when people are fighting in the streets over a dead rat to eat." more»
DEFENDERS OF THE ALAMO. "...an exemplary display of bravery and character in the face of unspeakable danger." El Caudillo remembers. more»
09/13/01. A psychological aftermath. more»
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