An operative in the field must reach protected targets by a variety of means, including high-altitude jumps through enemy airspace. Budgetary restrictions prevent the implementation of an in-house jump school course at this time. In lieu of such a course, the Jinx Agent is encouraged to pass through at least preliminary jump instruction, while off-duty, at his own expense. This instruction should include at least one jump, from a minimum of ten thousand (10,000) feet. Following is a brief description of the basic steps the agent will execute, with tips for a successful first jump.

" Be aware that skydiving is very, very dangerous. The Jinx Project can and will assume NO LIABILITY whatsoever in the event of an accident, regardless of negligence, resulting in paralysis, blindness, loss of limbs, or death.

" Stay alert. Your first lesson will be a tandem jump - you will be harnessed to your instructor, who will operate the chute. It is nevertheless your responsibility to follow your instructor's instructions exactly and at every stage of the jump.

" The climb to jumping altitude will take up to thirty minutes. During this time, find a secure handhold and do not let go. The door of the plane may be open during the ascent, and you will not yet be harnessed to your instructor. You will not have your own chute, and the plane may bank very sharply without warning.

" At jumping altitude, your instructor will harness himself to your back. In tandem with your instructor, you will then climb out onto the landing gear of the plane, holding on to the wing strut. If you look down, you will see a drop of approximately two miles beyond your feet. DO NOT faint or become dizzy; this would endanger you and your instructor.

" Once you are standing securely on the landing gear, your instructor will tell you to kick off after a count of three. DO NOT release the wing strut; simply kick off gently and allow yourself to be pulled into a horizontal position.

" Your instructor will initiate another three-count. This time, release the wing strut AT THE SAME TIME as your instructor.

" You will be in a free-fall. This fall will last approximately thirty seconds, during which time you will fall approximately nine thousand feet.

" After your instructor deploys the chute, relax your body and follow his instructions. He will teach you how to maneuver the chute and steertowards the landing target.

" The landing, if properly executed, will be no more forceful than a jump off a desk. Remember to pull down on your chute at the moment before impact, and to run forward as you land.

A familiarity with the skill of skydiving, gained under ideal conditions with a qualified instructor, will serve the agent well when he later jumps for an actual mission.

IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT: Take comfort in the fact that you have served the Project with distinction.