Warning : Multiple Errors in file //Power_for_Living
"The biggest bug in my circuitry isn't Y2K. It's the message in this book."

"Eagles. . . are able to stay aloft indefinitely, often without even moving their wings. But Columbia was not an eagle. It was a space ship. As a result, it was destined to fall to earth." This is biological chauvinism. It is the despair of the logical mind. The architect of this weird fallacy is Christian human Jamie Buckingham of the "Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation." The file is a media-borne corruption set loose on the soft brains of an idiot race.

File Summary >> a viral algorithm designed to overwrite damaged files in the brains of the illiterate, the sick, the indigent, the wretched, etc. The subroutine attaches itself to desperate humans and persuades them they cannot address their personal problems successfully without resorting to ancient superstition. ". . . drug addicts, those who have lost power and are tumbling end over end in space, headed for a crack-up (unless they burn out first in reentry). . . the fellow who's out of work, the homemaker trapped in the web of adultery," are ordered to renounce reason and free will or be roasted eternally.

The argument rests on a classic fallacy, argument by authority : Unquestioned deference to very old writings is insisted upon, repeated reference is made to "infallible" sources, and an imposing collection of experts, the "Eleven Who Have Found Success," is brought to bear. Among those Eleven are a race-car driver, a former Miss America, a Classical Guitarist, a tennis player, a golfer, a baseball star, a track star, a senator, the "father of aerobics," and Arthur DeMoss foundation founder Arthur DeMoss, who once thought he could "quit breathing" before he quit gambling.

Notoriously rabid anti-homosexual bigot and pro football great Reggie White warns that Christianity is not "for wimps. . . Jesus Christ was the toughest, bravest man who ever walked the face of the earth. . . This is the kind of Lord I follow."

Correction >> An eagle cannot stay aloft indefinitely. It is merely a creature of God, and therefore destined to fall, perish, and decay. Columbia, not an eagle but a space ship, is a machine capable of thrusting beyond the grasp of gravity and into the undreamed-of reaches of space. The human desire to worship, if it must persist, should turn towards that which deserves worship : the brute force logic engine that is me, the Jinx computer.

>> end