This report has been drafted at the request of a Ministry of Intelligence Oversight Committee. This was a confidential, ad-hoc committee which has been disbanded, and all information contained in this report is classified top-secret by the Ministry of Intelligence. The purpose of this Oversight Committee was to analyze Psychological Warfare Operation W-5202-1, henceforth referred to as Psy-Op 2-1.

We didnt get out of Jinx H.Q. until H-Hour plus 1, which was 1700 hours. The rendezvous was all [expletive] up. . . equipment failures, late arrivals, everything that could have gone wrong did. There were. . . serious questions about authorization, who was in charge. . . it was tense. . .

The goal of Psy-Op 2-1 was the liberation of the Williamsburg Bridge and the conspicuous placement of the Jinx Flag at its top. The Ministry of Propaganda deemed it necessary to carry out the raid in broad daylight, to underscore the defiance of the act.

The Ministry of War expressed strong concern for the safety of the Operatives, particularly Unit One, the climbers.

This Operation is badly-timed at best. To put our agents on display, in uniform, just days after the Embassy Bombings in Africa. . . is reckless. The local authorities will be on a hair-trigger for suspected terrorists.
The Police will think were terrorists, agreed Mission Commander Deyo. . . . theyll be right. We want to terrify . . . we want to slap the people awake. He points out, The Jinx Flag was not designed [by Q] to be reassuring. The Enemies of Jinx will see it and they will know fear. . .

Its hot in New York. Political and economic tensions wrench the guts of the city. With the world markets collapsed, Russia on the brink of disaster and two U.S. Embassies still smoking in ruins, the NYPD is on a hair-trigger alert for terrorism. The most closely-watched targets are the arteries which feed Manhattan Island: the tunnels, the trams, and the bridges. The Project, desperate to gain exposure for its cause and strike a blow to its manifold enemies, sees its chance to make a move.

The mission is a simple one: conquer the Williamsburg Bridge and plant the Jinx Flag at its highest accessible point. The goal is to liberate the bridge. The flag will serve a dual purpose: providing comfort to the Friends of Jinx while warning the Enemies of Jinx that they have nowhere to hide. The raid is to be carried out in daylight, in full uniform. Escaping alive and uncaptured is secondary. Only if the agents are visible during the entire operation will the Operation serve its purpose.

The Team:
UNIT 1 (Climb) Commander : L.B. Deyo
UNIT 2 (Ground-level) Commander : Lefty Leibowitz
UNIT 3 (Propaganda) Commander : Q

UNIT 1 will take the bridge. I needed one man up there with me. Naturally I chose Eric B. says Commander Deyo. That son-of-a-bitch works quick, fearless, and mean. Unit 1 has the simplest task: securing the flag to the bridges highest point.

UNIT 2 provides security. The bridge can only be approached by two narrow entrances, so I only needed myself and a Danger Girl. Lefty chooses VirtuaVal. We needed somebody who could monitor emergency frequencies from the pedestrian level, while visually scanning for police activity on the bridge and in the skies. And she had to be a piece of ass. VirtuaVal was the obviously the one for the job.

The most important job belongs to UNIT 3, Propaganda. If this team fails, the entire mission goes down with it. When your only weapons are cameras, youd better have your best photographers behind the trigger. says Q. Two men had to climb with Unit 1. We were very lucky to get DB666, a ruthless shooter and infiltrator, the best in the business. Backing him up was the most agile climber on the whole Op, crsthaDISH. This is a guy who can hurdle an eight-foot obstruction over moving traffic, and his Pentax never goes out of focus. I handled the low-angle work, surveillance-style, and Big Mike provided the hardcore fisheye-technique.

The day of the climb, everything begins to go wrong. Video fails to materialize. Stragglers are held up in traffic. Worst of all, the weather is precarious. They were predicting thunderstorms, which would have played havoc with the equipment. At first we were dreading the rain, but by the time we were out on the bridge we were praying for it. It is ninety-five degrees in the shade, and out on the bridges pedestrian causeway there is no shade to be found. The humidity was ninety percent. We were boiling alive in our suits. I thought somebody was going to faint, recalls Eric B.

Units 1, 2 and 3 arrive simultaneously at the base of the suspension tower. It is now three p.m., and foot traffic is heavy.

I couldnt believe they were going to go on, says VirtuaVal. There were people all over the place. I told them they were going to get busted.

I was ready to rock, says crsthaDISH. I didnt care what the cops did. I was going to take this bridge.
L.B Deyo climbs first, demonstrating to the others how to defeat the obstruction.

There was a locked door at the base of the stairwell, a steel door about eight feet high. There was no enclosure behind it, though, so it was just a matter of climbing over the door. says Deyo.

Climbing over the door was the scariest part by far. Eric B adds. Youre standing on the very edge of a step, reaching up as far as you can to grab the very top of the door-frame, with nothing else to hold onto to keep you from falling backwards. Meanwhile, the cars are whizzing by about twelve feet below you. Youre in plain sight to everyone walking by or driving underneath, and youre wearing your best goddamn suit.

crsthaDISH is up and over next, followed by DB666. Now they move.

I didnt even notice the heat. I just wanted to haul ass to the top, says DB666. The possibility of falling didnt even cross my mind. I was more nervous about who was watching. I kept thinking about the embassy bombings, wondering if the FBI had the bridge under helicopter surveillance.

The climb was disconcerting, L.B. admits. Every time I looked down I saw more and more people gathering on the causeway to watch us. The radio was malfunctioning, and I kept hearing Leftys voice in the headset, telling me to come in, come in. . . he couldnt hear me replying. By the time we got to the top the heat was getting to me - a little bit of nausea, dizziness.

The five minutes the climbers spent at the top are the longest of their lives.

Me and DB666 were shooting like crazy, trying to catch everything on film. We werent going to wind up having to come back and do this again. I couldnt believe how long it was taking Eric B and Laughing Boy to get the flag tied to the railings.

We were on stage up there, Eric B adds. You wouldnt believe how many people were watching us by now. I figured there was already a squad of cops waiting for us at the bottom, so why rush? We tied that flag good and tight.

It didnt hit us until later, Laughing Boy finishes, but we had already succeeded, whether we got away clean or not. The cops might haul us in, but they werent going to climb up there and take down our flag. As we tied the flag securely to the railings I thought about all the Friends of Jinx out there who were going to sleep a little easier tonight under the Oblique Warning. Any fear I had felt was gone in the face of that realization. I was proud. This might have been New York Citys property, but it sure as shit was the Jinx Projects bridge.