Two words sum up what every Jinx Agent MUST do with this invaluable guide to survival–GET IT. The authors, self-described "regular everyday folk" and "inquisitive journalists," present scores of dire situations, and how to survive them in one piece. Having consulted many an expert, from bullfighters to bomb squad officers and from stuntmen to scuba instructors, Piven and Borgenicht assembled an impressive collection of simple, step-by-step instructions for dealing with 40 life- and limb-threatening scenarios. Instructive illustrations and bulleted tips help convey the crucial information all Agents must know when finding themselves faced with these dangerous imbroglios.

The foreword of this indispensable manual stresses the basic rules of survival, including being prepared, not panicking and making a survival plan that includes food, fire, water, shelter, signals and first aid. The authors then organize the various entanglements and their means of survival into chapters. Examples include "Great Escapes and Entrances" (with How to Escape from Quicksand), "The Best Defense" (with How to Fend Off a Shark), "Leaps of Faith" (with How to Jump from a Bridge or Cliff into a River) and "Emergencies" (with How to Identify a Bomb). But the chapter that rings loudest in the Project's collective ear concerns "Adventure Survival." Here, the authors explain how to survive the most lethal mission obstacles: landing planes, dealing with defective parachutes, being lost at sea or in the desert, and, of course, dodging bullets.

This excellent volume, chock-full of ways to overcome the unexpected, cannot be recommended highly enough. Consider it required reading for Jinx 101, and never be caught with your pants down again.