SUBJECT: Successful counterintelligence penetration against Ministry of Propaganda Field Unit.

On the night of 03/01/03, this ministry achieved an unprecedented counterintelligence breakthrough. An agent, code named Carlotta, successfully penetrated a Jinx Ministry of Propaganda field team and participated in a reconnaissance raid. Ministry of Intelligence analysts are still processing the data brought back by Carlotta, but are already prepared to declare the mission a success. Her report specified a variety of field procedure violations, any one of which would have been sufficient for disciplinary action.

Carlotta is a mercenary. She walked into our Sao Palo Consulate and offered to become an asset. A longtime associate of MoP Agent S. Duncan, she was ideally placed to penetrate Jinx missions. She was immediately acquired and underwent basic counterintelligence training. Following her training, Carlotta went undercover. Our only subsequent communications have been via four dead drops in Manhattan. She has been paid via wire transfers directly to a numbered offshore account, in the amount of twelve hundred dollars.

She was instructed to avoid any unusual behavior around Agent Duncan. Our only choice was to wait and hope he would invite her on one of his frequent reconnaissance missions. On 03/03 he did. He informed her that a small team from MoP was about to raid two abandoned subway stations in Lower Manhattan, and asked her to come along. Via her dead drop, we ordered Carlotta to accept this invitation. We also provided her with a miniature belt-buckle camera. Anticipating routine MoP security measures, we instructed her not to arm herself.

Following is a brief summary of Carlotta's report:

Less than 48 hours ago a Jinx MOP Reconnaissance Squad explored the abandoned 18th Street and Worth Street Stations in Lower Manhattan. This report is to detail violations of safety procedure and covert operations protocol committed during that mission.

  1. Stealth: Entering the tracks at the 6 line's 23rd Street Station, the Squad exposed itself to detection and arrest.

    The platform was well-lit and active. The squad was in full view of passengers, maintenance workers, and MTA Security Cameras when it descended from the platform and headed down towards 18th Street. The 18th Street Station, abandoned in 1948 because its platforms could not accommodate new longer trains, was unlit and had no entrance or exit.

  2. Electrical Safety: Reckless proximity to third rails created a risk of serious injury or death by electrocution.

    Jinx Electrical Safety Procedures specify agents maintain a minimum safe distance of three meters from any power source of 600 volts or more. The Reconnaissance Squad should have identified the third rail as an active high-voltage source and avoided it. Instead, the squad walked alongside the rail, at an average clearance of less than one meter, to reach the abandoned 18th Street Station.

    Contact with the third rail could have resulted in severe burns, internal injury, and cardiac arrest from ventricular fibrillation.

  3. Heavy Machinery Safety: The Squad operated in and around active subway tracks, repeatedly crossing from one platform to the other and pausing on central tracks to take photographs.

    The Squad moved around active subway tracks in a cavalier fashion, repeatedly dodging both local and fast-moving express trains, photographing approaching trains. The Squad could offer no urgent justification for such risk-taking. Detection and collision were constant threats. A typical New York City Subway would have struck with a force of 750,000 pounds * 20mph.

  4. Light Protocol: The Squad's use of flashbulb photography and flashlights resulted in a near-arrest.

    At the Worth Street Station (currently under construction though abandoned in 1962) the squad was forced to abort mission when construction workers appeared on the tracks to the south. The workers were headed for the station and may have been attracted by the flashlight beams and flashbulbs. The Squad exited via a sidewalk emergency exit, emerging beside a park on Worth Street, the Avenue of the Strongest. The operatives disbanded and departed the scene.